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Net Zero water & Renewable Energy
Sustainable solutions
Water & Waste Management water Conservation

Our Products and Services

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  • Reverse Osmosis- RO
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Water Conditioning (Softening)
  • Water ATM, Kiosk, Cooler,Chiller
  • Solar Grid Water treatment
  • Ozonation, Iron, Fluoride, Arsenic,
    Methane, Re-mineralization
  • Spare parts
  • Repair, Replace, Reuse
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  • Waste-Water MBBR/FMBR/SBR/MBR
  • Sewage Treatment MBR/MBBR
  • Effluent treatment
  • Grey Water Treatment
  • Plant Rehabilitation – Automation
  • Remote Service Support
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  • Rain-water harvesting
  • Aerators, Faucets, Shower head
  • Atmospheric Water Generators
  • Reject Water (ROUF) treatment
  • Operation & Maintenance contracts
  • AMC- Maintenance Services
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • End user Training


Seamless Integration


  • Integration treatment from Point of Entry to Point of Exit
  • Integrate, Replace, Repair, Reuse, Reduce treatment systems
  • Integrate multiple water sources and treatments- WTP, STP, ETP



Plant Automation

  • Reduces O&M time and costs with reduced downtime
  • Improves Plant Optimization & Efficiency, reduces Preventiv Maintenance, improves Productivity of maintenance team
  • SCADA & SaaS software to improve Real Time Data Monitoring
  • Reducing OMEX with sustainable technologies in treatment

ROI & Net Zero

  • Reuse, Recycle from source blending to Reject Water treatment
  • Water savings and reducing demand of water
  • Water conservation technologies and treatment
  • Reduces Carbon emissions, Reduction of chemicals & energy
  • Faster ROI due to water savings, blending and automated system

About Us

Clean Water First, a system integration water technology company based in Mumbai. CWF provides Water & Waste treatment, Water Conservation technologies, engineering design, products and services.

Our Process - Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

Design & Engineering

Our engineers customize design innovative water & waste treatment systems using  your individual requirements, incorporating existing water treatment processes by  refurbishment and revamping or design new processes to guarantee the solution  best suited to your requirements

Procurement, Assembly & Construction

Dedicated quality management plan from procurement to assembly to on-time  delivery .All items procured are inspected and tested as part of the quality  assurance process

Installation, Commissioning and Ongoing Support

Our installation & commissioning will usually be completed with the design  engineers, site personnel, and the construction team. On time and quality delivery  with end user training


SCADA based SaaS software access to a data-driven process and remote data  monitoring. Automation increases treatment capacity, modernizes legacy  systems, lowers plant energy and chemical use with predictive diagnostics and  maintenance


“To provide our customers with safe, clean, affordable, sustainable water solutions through researched innovative products and technology”


Achieve Net Zero - Water & Waste solutions with Water & Energy Conservation Supply Clean Water Solutions with Eco Smart Technologies & Carbon neutrality Automate O&M - Lower Costs, Reduce Downtime, Optimize Efficiency, Monetize Asset